How Aircon Servicing and Maintenance Would Result to Reduced Expenses in Singapore

During summers in Singapore, the demand for room air conditioners increases, and believe it or not, the smaller units outsell the bigger ones. This is because many consumers have learned that the former works more efficiently and more effectively than the latter. In the past, people have always though that a bigger air conditioning unit would cool a room faster than a smaller one, when in fact, it would take a longer time for the large unit to cool the room because it will one begin to dehumidify the area as soon as it’s done setting the selected temperature based of the thermostat. This is also the reason why even the selected temperature has been set, it would still feel uncomfortably and unpleasantly damp staying in the room.

Effective use of Fans

If the homeowner in Singapore is not sure about the appropriate size of the air conditioning unit for his room, he is advised to seek the assistance of an expert or an aircon servicing company who can easily send someone over and check the room where the unit is installed or will be installed. When the recommended right size of the centralized unit has been in place, the homeowner must also remember using individual circulating fans on each of his rooms for air circulation and not the unit’s center fan. To ensure this, the fan must be turned off together with the compressor by putting the fan setting of the air conditioner to an automatic mode.

Reduced Expenses

The homeowner is also advised to consider purchasing an interior fan to help distribute the cool air around the house if he is using a window air conditioning unit. This will not only lessen the need to consume more electricity power than what the entire household needs, but will also lessen the expenses for frequently repairing an overused air conditioner. Think of it this way, if you get severely wounded and bleed, you put pressure on it immediately.

The Need for Maintenance

Aircon servicing is very vital during the hot and humid summer months. Therefore, to ensure our air conditioner’s efficiency, we should have out unit checked frequently by a reliable and reputable air conditioner service technician. Hiring a professional to check and/or repair the air conditioner is important because we don’t want it damaged worst than it already is. Ask your friends and family in Singapore to see if they know of a professional who can help. You can also ask an aircon servicing company Singapore for possible references and their work experience. A reliable repair provider would be able to give you a list of his previous and/or current clients.

Repairing an air conditioner requires equipment such as pressure gauges or supplementary cooling gas supplies. Older air conditioners might get broken if it was serviced incorrectly. You should be sure that your professional repairer knows the right tools to use and has the correct license to be handling a freon and other types of gases when he is dealing with your air conditioner. Furthermore, don’t forget to frequently change the air filter inside your air conditioner.